September 28, 2007

Does the internet really change everything?

Light Within: Corporate Internet branding: "Corporate Internet Branding is certainly different than traditional branding in more than one ways. Power of the web has changed the marketing methods and branding strategies. Though the fundamentals remain the same but ways to achieve desired effects have changed. Now Corporate Internet branding is not just about creating a great look – it is about knowing who your target customers are, understanding what they want and conveying the right message. And the advent of the Internet has made it global marketing function."

I definately agree with this concept from Light Within. My background has been in the mainstream, though arguably for the most fast-moving and complex industries of information technology and mobile communications. Getting the fundamentals right is key!

That said, there are specifics to branding online that you will need to become expert at to harness the internet to create a memorable brand.

This blog is about all those specifics.

Are you creating critical business advantage through differentiated internet branding?

Internet Branding Strategy is a new blog that will discuss how to build brand awareness, create a memorable and engaging corporate identity, and harness measurable online brand equity, to drive real-world success for you and your business.

Welcome to the conversation!